Week commencing 2nd December

Rotary Court & Sadler Road

Week commencing 9th December

Barrow Close, Bates Green & Page Road

Week commencing 16th December

Cressner Close, Cromer Road & Kered Close

Week commencing 23rd December

Hastings Avenue & Hawthorne Avenue

30th Deecember

Merchant Way & Meredith Road


We believe that God has called us to pray over every street in our parish on a regular basis.

We achieve this by using all the groups that meet on a weekly basis. They are allocated no more than a dozen streets each quarter and then pray over two or three streets each week.

Using this method we are able to cover the whole of Hellesdon in prayer in just five weeks.

During December please pray for the residents of the following streets:-


After a number of years holding a monthly Parish Prayer meeting in either St. Paul’s or St. Mary’s Church, we have recently decided to suspend this event and encouraging as many people as possible to meet in groups of three.

This provides greater flexibility, with the triplets being able to meet wherever and whenever they like. They are also able to make prayer more individual and offer the participants a means of supporting one another.

Please contact Rev. Louise Alder on 01603 426902 or louise.alder@lineone.net if you would like to become involved.


At the end of each 9:30 am service, members of our Prayer Ministry Team will be available to pray with you about any concerns you may have.

Anything you share with them will be treated in strict confidence.

Nothing is too big or too small.